1. Dangerous

From the recording Beautiful Surrender


Words by Cassie Brandi Music by William Gramling

When you love someone it takes over like a hurricane sweeping through
When you love someone you go blind to what’s right and so wrong

I walked through the fire for love and got burned
Till there were ashes to gather
But how could I let go of something I wanted so bad for so long

It’s dangerous, it’s dangerous
When you love someone and they don’t love you
It’s dangerous, it’s dangerous
When they don’t love you like you want them to

When you love someone you’ll do anything to justify the hurt
And all the pain you feel
But if you love someone please be careful
You could find you were wrong


If you’re really gone and I have to move on
I know that my heart couldn’t take it
Wherever you are in the dark of this night
If I started to cry would you hear it

And if I held out for a little bit longer
Gave you my very last breath
Would you take it for granted like it was your own
We’d still be here in this mess

Chorus (2x)