From the recording Beautiful Surrender


No Greater Love
Words and Music by Cassie Brandi

Angry, no one to blame
Empty, taking on the world alone
But something, something right from the start
Missing deep down inside his heart

So he started walking, began to seek
Reached out when he felt weak
Started digging and learning to love
Found out his life was grace from above

No greater love could set you free (2x)

Awakened, feeling ashamed
Tired, the hope starts to fade
But something, something kept him alive
A fire burning from deep inside

So he started running, seeking more of You
Reaching out when he felt weak
Digging deeper and loving harder
Diving into the living water

No greater love could set you free (2x)

He cries, “your strength it carries me through the night” (4x)

Now he’s running faster with a burning hunger
Reaching out to those in need
Inviting in the holy spirit, seeing less of who he used to be
Living his life to glorify Your name,
Every day in awe knowing You died for him

No greater love could set you free